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Mathew Sturtevant is a writer and photographer whose work has been featured in The New York Times, Men's Journal, and Fortune magazine.   His varied career has included teaching in the Journalism Department of the University of Texas and leading mountain bike tours as a certified guide in Oregon. He is best known for his first book The Sound of Austin, which features his portraits and interviews of one hundred Austin musicians such as Willie Nelson and Lyle Lovett.

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My Story

Thank you for visiting my site. My book, The Topography of Fear is an adventure story on one level but I hope it is useful to people like me who have struggled with anxiety. In addition to generalized anxiety, I was diagnosed as agoraphobic. Left untreated, this causes your "world" to shrink. People with this avoid places that trigger panic and can eventually end up homebound. Not very convenient for someone who loves adventure travel. I use humor, and vulnerability to be pretty open, in hopes that my story is relatable. The good news is that I really feel that by asking for help and seeking a therapist I was able to overcome my fears. If you struggle, I hope that you keep trying. The therapist that helped me was the fourth one I sought out. There are many resources available but you do have to have the courage to pick up the phone and show up for yourself. This might be surprising but if you are in a low spot, don't hesitate to email me or even call me. I will listen and help you in any way I can. I am not a big famous person, so don't hesitate. If you read my book and have never had a panic attack, it will just be an even bumpier ride of an adventure story from an unlikely adventurer. Giddy up and happy trails- M.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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